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Cricket We Love you-Pakistan

Cricket is a game which is popular all over the world. Known as the Gentleman's Game since the Middle Ages, it hasn’t lost its popularity today. The earliest reference to the sport comes from the 1598 court case in Guildford. Certainly, since that time the game has changed a lot. Cricket equipment has changed as well, as players don't use the same type of gear they used 50 years ago. Cricket players may need to buy a lot of products in order to be able to give the game their best shot.

Senior Alaways Support the Juniors

Shahid Khan Afridi World Recorded Batsman in the world , and a good Bowler . The most Followers fans in all world.

Proud Pakistan Flag

The Cricket is the most popular game in all Pakistan , Pakistan Team is most amazing , fighting , strongest team in all World and specially Pakistan Cricket Team have much of fans in all world against other teams.

We Still support Our Team

You Win or Lose Pakistan Cricket Team , We always Love you. Win and Lose is part of Game. Cricket We Love You-Pakistan .

History of the Pakistani cricket team

The Pakistan cricket team made its Test cricket debut in 1952 and has since become one of the most successful teams in modern cricket. The team reached the semi-finals of the 1979,1983 and 1987 World Cups, and won the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup by defeating England in the final.

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